1. CRQ050: Beecham: Grieg: The Last Spring; Brahms: Symphony No. 3; Berlioz: Trojan March

  2. CRQ049: The Urania conductors, Vol 2: Hermann Abendroth

  3. CRQ047-048: The Urania conductors, Vol 1: George Sebastian

  4. CRQ045-046: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf: The Unknown Recordings

  5. CRQ044: Bruckner: Mass No. 1 in D minor

  6. CRQ041-043: The Smetana Quartet: The Early Recordings, 1950-1955

  7. CRQ040: Chopin: Goldsand Recital

  8. CRQ037-039: Mozart: Casi Fan Tutte

  9. CRQ036: Beethoven: Symphony No. 3 Eroica

  10. CRQ035: Rossini: Le Barbier de Seville (extracts)

  11. CRQ033-034: Homage to Royalton Kisch

  12. CRQ031-032: Mozart: Three Quartets for William II of Prussia, the Hoffmeister Quartet and Three Early Quartets

  13. CRQ030: Vladimir Sofronitzky plays Scriabin

  14. CRQ029: Haydn: 'Nelson' Mass

  15. CRQ027-028: Verdi: Simon Boccanegra

  16. CRQ026: New Year’s Day Concert with Kurt Wöss

  17. CRQ025: Gounod: Faust (extracts)

  18. CRQ024: Riccardo Odnoposoff

  19. CRQ023: Annie Fischer: Schumann

  20. CRQ022: Brahms: Symphony No. 1 in C minor

  21. CRQ020-021: Wagner: Parsifal: Covent Garden (1951)

  22. CRQ019: Homage to Louis Kentner

  23. CRQ018: Jean Fournet Conducts

  24. CRQ016-017: Girodano: Andrea Chénier: Tauský

  25. CRQ013-015: Mozart Quartets

  26. CRQ012: Tchaikovsky 5: Boult

  27. CRQ011: Boyce: Eight Little Symphonies: Haas

  28. CRQ010: Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1: Walter Gieseking

  29. CRQ008-009: Berg: Wozzeck: Kleiber (1953)

  30. CRQ007: Rudolf Schwarz Conducts

  31. CRQ006: Busoni: Fantasia Contrapuntistica: Brendel

  32. CRQ004-005: Verdi: Macbeth: Goldschmidt (1947)

  33. CRQ003: Homage to Mogens Wöldike

  34. CRQ002: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6: Boult (1959)

  35. CRQ001: Verdi: Ernani (abridged): La Scala (1930)

  36. Jimmy Blades: Chimes and Organ Christmas

  37. MESSIAH - An Oratorio

  38. "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht"


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